27 June 2020

What information do you give away for free when you upload photos

MANY people do not comprehend how much information they give away for free, which then corporations make huge profits from.

Each year billions of photos from smartphones make it up to various social media platforms where the information (called EXIF data) is stored and then profited from, where not one single milli-cent (you know, one thousandth of a cent) is  given to the producer of the photo.

From the photos that you upload, even if they do not contain your face, you (personally) can be identified.

This with the addition of other data such as your device fingerprint and browser fingerprint which leads to your entire internet browsing history, locations where you’ve been including your online purchase history and much more is available to various corporations and of course overseas governments.

You give away all this information for FREE, well not for ‘free’ entirely, as it technically costs you money to give your information away that you generate.

Corporations make billions of dollars annually from the information people give away.

Is the behaviour going to stop?

Of course not!

Next (financial) year, the corporations are going to make even more money from you.

So how much information do you give away from a seemingly ‘innocent’ picture taken from your smart phone uploaded to your favourite social media platform?

Please note that if you download the above photo, in the EXIF data, under Program name, Google inserted its name.

The screen captures of the information within the photo taken above have been blacked out to preserve privacy.

Why are the ‘authorities’ pushing you to use smart phones in conjunction with apps?

So that you give away all this (and more) information at your cost.

The majority of Australians are using social media /news / government services platforms from their smart phone, and to make it worse with the platform’s app, which gives away more data than personal computer browser only oriented access.

So why are Aussies STILL doing this in today’s age of surveillance capitalism?

Because. the giving away of data from your mobile phone seems innocuous given the fact that there are no immediately visible consequences.

If someone gave you a black eye every time you logged into Facebook via a smartphone app, would you do it twice or keep doing it indefinitely?

Authorities/Corporations:1, Plebs:0

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