04 July 2020

Authorities 'supporting' paedophile rings?

It's not difficult to ascertain whether someone is for or against something, as quite simply put it comes down to one's actions.

MANY criminal actions by power peopleful are 'supported' by the authorities, or rather other people in positions of authority, as there is a vested interest.

To simplify matters criminal actions can be undertaken by people in positions of authority or by commoners against people in authority or the commoners.

When it comes to paedophilia, almost always the victims are the children from the commoner pool.

In the colony called Australia, there is a high number of paedophiles in the judicature, i.e. 'administration' of justice and other positions of authority, where the true extent is deliberately kept hidden, as this information would not be in the 'interest of the public', according to the authorities.

The Family Court of Australia is one such place where the 'support' of paedophilia occurs, but that is another post for another time.

While victims of paedophilia may obtain some sort of court order alleging that 'justice' has been served, this may be only true if the perpetrator was from the commoner pool rather than a figure from the authorities.

Will the true extent of Australia's paedohpiles in positions of authority ever be revealed to the general population?

It hasn't so far, so what makes one think that it ever will?

What many label an action referred to as a 'failure of government' it should be noted that it is a deliberately botched event in order for those involved to obtain person gain.

One thing is very clear in the Epstein saga, is that:

“The victims are very sceptical because there have been arrests in the past and the US government has not followed through.”

See article by news.com.au of the headline:

How Ghislaine Maxwell avoided arrest for so long in Jeffrey Epstein scandal

at: https://www.news.com.au/world/how-ghislaine-maxwell-avoided-arrest-for-so-long-in-jeffrey-epstein-scandal/news-story/a69a0541b9401c9ec7b8090a4a38cb35

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