31 August 2020

Fines Victoria opens you up to fraud, doxing

In today’s digital age, it does not take a lot to obtain information on a ‘person’ in order to commit fraud in the name of that man/woman.

A person’s name and phone number are a couple of key bits of information needed to kick start the process to commit fraud or doxing.

Do you really want to give your name and number to an eatery, where you have ZERO clue with regards to what they're going to do with that info?

Not all this information gathering process has to be digital, where ‘old school’ techniques are used just as effectively.

In this example we have the person’s name or even better their ‘full’ name and now in this correspondence their date of birth, which was received by mail, you know handled by the corporation called Australia Post.

As a result we can be well and truly on the way to committing fraud under the name of  that ‘John Citizen’ person.

Thank you ‘Fines Victoria’ for giving us the DoB (Date of Birth).

You’d expect better from a ‘government’ agency, oops but are they?

That’s a rhetorical question sillies, we know who they are, just look at our posts on fines and the 'sheriff'.

Will anything change?

Probably not, because Fines Victoria doesn’t give a stuff about 'your' info being out there (just as long it's not the so called 'sheriff's' personal info) , unless of course you sue them / make it public knowledge.

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