24 October 2020

Are you really getting the newest tech from Apple in the iPhone 12 Pro?

So, apparently the 'new' technology available from Apple for consumers is in the form of an iPhone 12 Pro, right?

Well if you are to compare it to other manufacturer’s hardware from approx 2.5 years ago it’s hardly worth the ‘upgrade’.

Well that’s true unless you’re a special breed of human called an Apple ‘fanboy’.

You see Apple are marketing gurus where the could no doubt con an Eskimo out of his hard earned catch in order to purchase ice from them if they ever sold ice.

An Apple fanboy is a person who thinks the sun shines out of Apple’s arse where the products they release to the public are the best consumer products ever put on this planet.

The fanboy will camp a week in front of a store to get the first new product that makes it out the door of that store.

The fanboy will blindly pre-order the newest overpriced Apple warez to show off to colleagues/friends/family/the neighbour's dog,  how tech savvy this moron is.

You see Apple LOVE their fanboys and ‘hate’ their critics.

Apple iPhones are the worst phone you could use if you’re privacy conscious (watch the fanboys come to arms over that comment).

How retarded would you feel flashing your newest iPhone 12 Pro (that some people have sold their kidney for) where someone would show you their two and a half year old Huawei saying that they had that tech in their phone all those years ago, remembering that even half a year in the mobile industry can bring out a ‘new’ model.

Yeah whatever, with regards to the 5nm A14 ‘bionic’ processor.

C’est la vie, fanboys, hahaha

Compare the pair at: 



P.S A BIG thank you for worldwide governments supporting the 'slave labour' agenda which allows Apple to be a multi-trillion dollar company.

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Toolman said...

Are you aware Apple have put the Chinese Government's GPS Service in the iPhone 12? BeiDou.