27 May 2023

Centrelink’s service degrading over the years and they don’t care

A ‘trend’ in many industries, be it medical or welfare and to a lesser extent retail, is that customer service is going downhill, period.

Customers/clients/recipients are now forbidden to complain, about the poor service they must endure, as a result of signage when one walks into a premises that states that no ‘aggressive’ behaviour will be tolerated.

The operative word there is obviously aggressive, where this can be interpreted as the customer not being happy that he/she cannot get through as a result of a poorly installed phone system or as a result of the staff not being bothered to answer the call.

The federal government’s welfare system under not one name but many guises from a true government department, that being the DSS (Department of Social Security) to businesses under the label Centrelink to now ‘Services Australia’  has been deliberately failing vulnerable Australians over the decades.

One of the more recently publicised so called ‘failures’ (which was deliberate by design) was that of ‘Robodebt’, where many vulnerable recipients committed suicide as a result of government extortion and unlawful demands, remembering the ‘Towards Zero’ road campaign in Victoria, where the so called modus operandi is that if it just saves one life it’s worth it.

At the end of the day, the government hates [financially] poor people, as they are a liability and not an asset that brings in the tax dollars for the coffers of those in government and keeping their precious 'economy' going.

Also the government wants/needs an unemployment pool where control over the population is wielded where full employment is not on any government agenda.

An interview with a person who works within what is now called ‘Services Australia’ has unearthed some abhorrent practices and attitudes towards welfare recipients.

“We just don’t care about the people calling us” stated the source, further mentioning that staff regularly hang up on the person on the other side, because the staff knows that they must call back later and hopefully the same call centre person will not be ‘bothered’ by the caller.

It’s like some sort of sick abuse of power.

What many callers are oblivious to is what the source stated next, that being the source bragging saying that “You should see what we do”, mentioning that during a call, a staff member will put the caller on hold giving the impression that the matter is being looked into, but the staff member is going for a toilet or a ‘smoke’ break, or even for a full lunch break, further emphasising the ‘care’ factor, that being not caring if the caller hangs up, hoping that another staff member will take the call as allocated by the computer system.

MANY people are pushed to the edge, when it comes to dealing with the welfare business, where the more vulnerable ones, e.g. recipients of Veteran Affairs, truly do not have any remedy in sight, where some may make a rash life altering decision as retaliation to a (deliberate) toxic system.

When the source was asked to put this information ‘on the record’, a laughing response was given, which was followed by a sarcastic remark of how the government treats whistle blowers.

The best way to deal with this is anonymous document dumps, laughed the source.

Poor behaviour and performance is now being normalised or excused with signage that warns customers/consumers/recipients that can be interpreted that ANY form of complain can/will be seen as abusive where police will be called and the (alleged) assailant charged with a criminal offence.

Victim blaming at its best, what to expect from a fascist government.

That’s life in a new age colony.

Feel free to type in Centrelink in the search bar to find more articles that have been mentioned in the public news media. 

Imagine how much more information is deliberately hidden, which is technically in the public interest, as it is the 'public' that funds these organisations in effect being stakeholders.

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