09 June 2024

Australian health businesses advertising health information from global corporations?

It is quite clear that society is manipulated by corporations, which also have an influence in the law-making process, where that is a significantly in-depth topic beyond the scope of this article.

The health industry, from government health ‘care’ to private hospitals, dentists, doctors etc are literally businesses, i.e places that exist for the generation of profit.

You are nothing more than a 'customer' to them, where best business practice is that you become a repeat customer, dependent on the products. 

Across different health businesses in Victoria, advertisements or health advice is not printed from local health authorities, e.g. Victoria’s ‘Department of Health', nor an internal health business, like the Australian Medical Association, nor maybe even the federal health minister but rather a global corporation, in particular that being the World Health Organization (WHO).

If the people are going to be taking instructions from a global organisation, then surely there is zero need for any so called health ‘authority’ to exist in Australia, right?

So, taxpayer’s funds are being wasted on useless institutions, which harvest ‘money for mates’ jobs, where the funds could be better spent on infrastructure and utility projects instead or just welfare for low quality immigrants which is the global trend now.

Australia is a top-heavy oligarchical totalitarian state, but Australians are more than accepting of this, as if they weren’t then they would do something about it.

Stockholm syndrome at its finest.

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