Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Corporate media free information shutdown

In the new age of media information that is available to the masses, the corporate media has gone through a ‘shakeup’ that has included the sacking of many employees, from their publishing companies with the plausible excuse that the ‘internet’ or the new information age is to blame.

As a result the corporate media is in the process of shutting down the distribution of its previously free information available to the anonymous masses.

This implementation now can be seen through Rupert Murdoch’s news empire in that the news site is not longer offering news stories via its website

News articles that were able to be read for free, or without personal registration require you to be registered now, as in line with the political agenda of the order of the new world.

Anonymous internet surfing was never part of any deal, but now corporations have your information at their fingertips, in the name of ‘marketing’. 

It is through the ignorant and uneducated masses that these actions of the corporatocracy are supported.

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