05 August 2012

City Council building permits fraud

City council engineers are involved in multimillion dollar building permit scams with builders with the support of their ‘bosses’.

The government is aware of this practice, as it has been going on for decades, but chooses to turn a blind eye, once again to the detriment of the general populous.

Information has been given to corpau that engineers are passing building permits without inspecting the sites, either residential or commercial, putting occupants at risk.

The engineers and their supervisors will not be implicated in this post, as even if the information was made public, there would be an enormous government cover-up that would lead to the criminal conviction of the whistle blowing source, and not the perpetrators or the law, as always is in governance.

Engineers and their supervisors from Melbourne’s City Council’s of:
 Stonnington, Moreland, Hume, Melton and Ballarat are responsible for falsely providing certificates of works that has not been inspected. 

Slabs, walls, and many other components of the building industry are put together below the Australian Standards (which incidentally are very low), only to be passed by the engineer, with a reward at the end of the year, or part payment via ATM card withdrawals or night’s out at the builder’s expense.

This fraud is worth tens of millions of dollars to each of the City Councils mentioned above, but is not limited to those alone.

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