Sunday, August 5, 2012

London Olympics anti Greek jabs

 Most people would be aware that the modern Olympic Games feature the convergence of nations with all political views aside to compete in sporting events with its origins from Greece.

At the opening ceremony in London, it was mentioned that the games are ‘back where they belong’. What is that supposed to mean? Does this mean it (England/London)  is where they originated, and is about time they returned?

Does the old age saying of “He who has power, writes history” hold true in this case? Surely not!
Also Australian commentators could not resist having a jab at the Greeks for the state of the economy, implying that it was the fault of the Greeks.

If these comments were directed at maybe another nation or religion, then there would be a global outcry, suggesting racial intolerance which must be brought before the world courts.

Nothing more, nothing less than pathetic racist behaviour by the persons involved, within an event that breaks down the political and economical barriers. Something the corporate media has not drawn attention to.

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