Monday, September 23, 2013

'Entire NBN Co board quits'

THE entire NBN Co board has reportedly submitted their resignations to Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull. 

The resignations have yet to be accepted by the minister, Fairfax Media reports, and a decision is to be made at a cabinet meeting in early October.

Mr Turnbull hinted in July, after NBN Co chief executive Mike Quigley quit, that he may sack board members from the organisation responsible for the national broadband network.

The coalition has blamed the board and executive team for massive cost blowouts, timetable delays and for contractors losing money.

Mr Turnbull said after the election that former Telstra boss Ziggy Switkowski would be well qualified for the role of NBN Co chairman.

The coalition's vastly different plan for the network would switch from the previous Labor government's fibre-to-the-home scheme to a cheaper fibre-to-the-node option. 23 Sep 2013

The Australian people have been taken for another ride (read fraud) with this the latest 'cock-up'.

The fraud committed against the people in the business deals setup of the NBN is to the tune of tens of billions, with government officials on the payroll.

This is a matter the should be investigated by the AFP (Australian Federal Police) and exposed by the corporate media, but then if one were to believe this would happen, the Easter bunny would also be knocking on one's door.

Turnbull should be sacked, never to work in Australia ever again
The AFP are a corporate entity working for the corporate government, which means NOT exposing the criminal deals of their masonic brethren and bosses.

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