23 September 2013

War in Syria

There literally is no need to reiterate that wars are created by governments and supported by them to follow a particular agenda.

The pretexts given to the masses are sanctioned by the very governments that support the wars.

The new fear instilled into the masses is 'terrorism' and the like, which ultimately must be defeated, naturally.

Only a generation ago the evil empire called 'communism' was apparently defeated (by whom, the general populous?), which was created by the international banking community, of which JP Morgan, financed Adolf Hitler's operations.

The current war in Syria, is no doubt real, and there is no denial of that by ANYONE, but as always there is a hidden agenda, as the truth is not always reported by the corporate media.

Syria has its own financial structure independent of the IMF (International Monetary Fund), controlled by only a handful of people.

The purpose of the war is so that that invading forces will 'liberate' the people in effect forcing order, and bringing in with them the new banking system of the IMF, controlled by the Rothschilds, in effect enslaving the masses.

This is what happened in Afghanistan and Iraq.

There are also other countries which are NOT under the Rothschilds' IMF control, (which could be labeled as terrorists?), of which China is one.

One 'could' be labeled as a 'conspiracy theorist' or a nut job, as to such a 'theory'.

The results will no doubt speak for themselves very soon.

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