Sunday, October 27, 2013

Public service links to outlaw bikie gangs

OUTLAW bikie gangs are feared to have infiltrated key State Government agencies - not just the police force. 

The Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission has received credible information detailing inappropriate relationships between bikies and public servants.

Commissioner Stephen O’Bryan confirmed investigations were underway.

“In the investigations we are doing in the both the police jurisdiction and the non-police public-sector jurisdiction, we do have investigations that involve not just inappropriate associations with criminal organisations but also unlawful provision of information to criminal organisations,” Mr O’Bryan said.

He would not identify the agencies.

“We obviously can’t start investigations without allegations that have some substance,” he said.

Bikies are active across a range of industries, including towing and heavy haulage, which are regulated by Vic­Roads.

Victoria Police’s Taskforce Eagle is already investigating alleged inappropriate links between police and bikies.

About three quarters of the complaints to IBAC are about police.

The rest are about other public-sector agencies.

Mr O’Bryan said IBAC had systems in place to protect whistleblowers who helped them expose corruption. 26 Oct 2013

The police work together WITH the 'bikies' in organised crime rings.

The police has the support of the corrupt legal system 'judge's and 'magistrate's' that conspire against the general populous in matters that are uncomfortable to the  establishment.

To quote Mr. O'Bryan : "Mr O’Bryan said IBAC had systems in place to protect whistleblowers who helped them expose corruption." is a false statement designed to make the public feel at ease and expose corrupt police, and other so called authorities.

Once the whistleblower comes forward, the information is obtained, and a later stage, they or their family is treated, assaulted, beaten up for exposing the corruption.

The police assault and incarcerate people who are uncomfortable to the 'system' with FULL backing and support of the government.

This situation is NOT going away in any hurry but rather staying put, as it has deep seeded roots, with corrupt heads of government and police involved.

IBAC are another useless 'company' that works together with the police.

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