Sunday, December 8, 2013

Taxi driver jailed for raping drunk and drugged 17-year-old student

A TAXI driver who raped a drunk and drugged 17-year-old student after being paid $50 to get her home safely has been jailed. 
The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was so impaired when she was helped in the taxi, driver Nittin Rana had to help sit up in her seat and fasten her seatbelt.

Instead of driving the VCE student home Rana, 30, started to kiss her and remove her clothing as she sat slumped in the passenger seat.

He then raped her and forced her to have oral sex.

Jailing Rana for six years today, County Court Judge Wendy Wilmouth said the public deserved to feel safe in taxis.

"Parents should be able to trust that their teenage children will be safe in taxis," she said.

"This girl's safety was entrusted to you when the people who helped her gave you the money for her fare, to take her safely home.

"Instead you violated that trust when you raped her."

The court heard the girl had been drinking heavily and had taken two months' worth of anti-depressants in an attempt to end her life before the November 2012 attack.

She was spotted by a group of four good Samaritans in Melbourne's eastern suburbs who tried to help her.
They hailed Rana's cab and paid him $50 to take her home.

CCTV footage from security cameras installed inside the taxi captured the attack.

Rana was arrested two days later and has been held in custody since.

The court heard he migrated from India in 2008 and had been driving taxis to support himself while studying.
He had planned to return to his middle-class family in India and has no prior convictions.

Judge Wilmouth said the attack had left Rana's victim unable to get her life back on track and had worsened depression and anxiety.

It also derailed her final year of school and has put her chances of qualifying for university in doubt, she said.

Rana, whose temporary resident visa expired in September, must serve a non-parole period of four years.

He has been placed on the sex offenders' register for 15 years and is facing deportation on release.

He has also been ordered to provide police with a DNA sample.  6 Dec 2013

Another incident of a trailer park trash Indian migrant coming to Australia, under a government sponsored 'study' scheme to assault the children of the masses.

He should be deported immediately, but will not as it is all about the 'business'.

Indian migrants are attacking Australian women in far greater numbers than reported by the media.

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