Friday, April 25, 2014

ANZAC Day 2014

One can ever forget the people who ultimately sacrificed their lives for their country or their fellow brothers out in the fields of war.

The absolute truth of the matter is also the the masses should realise that governments create an environment that leads to war, where the children of the general populous are taken to destinations that have no relevance to the protection of borders of their own country, only to later become canon fodder.

The war mongering machine of government is the largest industry on the planet, where the general populous pay via their taxes, etc for governments to go to war against each other. This is how it looks from the surface.

The banks also support the events of war as there is an enormous amount of money (read: debt to the people) to be made, which is only a byproduct of the hidden agenda that being the enslavement of the general populous to the perpetual war machine.

What many people in Australia may not realise it that the so called 'government' is actually a corporatocracy (business), run by corporations that only function to their benefit, where the people are their (unwilling / unbeknown to them) corporate slaves.

The general populous may be under the (false) assumption that the people they elect work for them in a capacity that is what the people ask / require the government to do.

(illustration source: supplied, credit: original authors) 

The Age publication, mentions on its front page that Australia's CEO Mr. Tony Abbot will be purchasing 58 Joint Strike Fighters (F-35A Lightning II), where even before they are delivered, there is already a project budget blow out, even before delivery, where financial mismanagement and technical incompetence is just a start.

In a subtle yet strong message portrayed by the editor, on the same page, another story surfaces, that being a budget cut to the elderly.

Balancing the books on expenditure on war planes and taking food away from the elderly aside, Australia's government is responsible for fraud on a grand scale, all right under the noses of the enslaved masses, but not out of sight nor mind of those who are aware of the deception.

The land mass known as Australia has been fraudulently corporatised by the 'authorities', being registered in the U.S Securities Exchange Commission in the state of Washington D.C, where every single person in Australia is the 'asset' being traded (unknowingly to them) on the stock market.

This is what the Australian diggers fought for.

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