Friday, April 11, 2014

You can do a runner from police if not under arrest

Various blogs on the internet including some corporate media outlets have reported of how people (in Australia) have done the runner from police.

Most if not all have reported this fact pretty accurately and this information has been public since 2011.

  • Quite simply put, if one is not under arrest or part of a criminal investigation, one can run from police.

Police are fully aware of the fact but not all police abide by the law, and in many instances, the law is actually broken by police, where police assault the person in question.

This matter was finalised in the Supreme Court of Victoria (VSC) in the case of:

DPP v Hamilton [2011] VSC 598 (25 November 2011)
The document in its entirety can be downloaded from the (pdf) link below:

or from the Austlii database at:

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