Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Facebook opens ports for authorities to hack computers

It may be widely accepted by computer users, that the term 'hacking' may have several definitions, of which one would be that of:

 - illegal or unauthorised access to networks and/or computers.

It can also be accepted that if a user is caught in illegal access to computers/networks they are most likely to be prosecuted and incarcerated.

It must also be noted that the term 'authorities' is loosely used as it describes a plethora of companies or businesses rather than any 'official' lawfully formed government institutions, especially when used in context within Australia.

Facebook works together with 'authorities' in providing information both officially, and covertly (without the user's knowledge) to various businesses within government.

The 'smart phone' version of the application has access to the user's microphone and cameras in order for the operator at the other end to record audio and take images/video all without the user's knowledge.

From the Personal Computer side, in order for the operators of Facebook to access the user's computer, have access to files and to be able to download them, all WITHOUT the knowledge of the user the following 'ports' are opened:

Active Connections
Protocol_Local Address:Port Number_Foreign Address_State

TCP syd01s18-in-f22:https ESTABLISHED
TCP edge-star-shv-03-nrt1:https ESTABLISHED
TCP channel-proxy-shv-13-prn1:https ESTABLISHED
TCP syd01s18-in-f14:https ESTABLISHED
TCP ec2-54-225-165-57:http ESTABLISHED
TCP syd01s18-in-f2:https TIME_WAIT
TCP syd01s18-in-f2:http CLOSE_WAIT
TCP ec2-54-225-165-57:http TIME_WAIT
TCP ec2-54-225-165-57:http ESTABLISHED
TCP channel-proxy-shv-06-frc1:https ESTABLISHED
TCP tf-in-f188:5228 ESTABLISHED

Table author: Conscious Entity

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