18 June 2014

Queen Elizabeth II signature on oath - Invalid

Aside from the fact that Queen Elizabeth II is an illegitimate monarch, a document that is purported to be her oath to the Commonwealth, that carries her signature indicates that the oath is invalid.

According to law, for any document to bear any legal status, it must contain a signature that follows the content of the document, at the end of the document's content.

The document (titled Exhibit 1) is the oath by Queen Elizabeth II where the Queen's signature appears at the top of the document.

This action invalidates the legality of the document.

See illustration below:


PeterB said...

You may recall how Barack Obama had 2 swearing in ceremonies, the public one and one that was private (where the public was excluded).

Likewise with the Queen Elizabeth II.

There is a you-tube on-line showing the coronation ceremony.

When she signs the Oath, notice that she signs at the bottom of the page, whereas generally her signature or initials are on the top rhs of the documents, and as is correctly mentioned here, her signature appears on the top rhs of the Oath she took.

Also to be noted, and what is not shown on the camera recording of the ceremony is that there was a period in the ceremony when the cameras stopped recording and a hood was placed over the Queen and the Archbishop giving them privacy whilst in the public.

There are 2 jurisdictions: the public and the private.

She gave at least 2 oaths that day, so we have a choice which jurisdiction we hold her to.

One jurisdiction is under God, and the other is in fiction land.

Steven the lion said...