Tuesday, July 8, 2014


It could be difficult for the average person to understand that from a legal perspective ALL FINES ARE UNLAWFUL.

Whether it be a 'fine' calling on the Road Safety Act 1986 or the Local Government Act 1989 or the Infringements Act 2006, it's actually unlawful.

Hire a lawyer / solicitor or barrister who will tell you the truth on this matter, and it would be a story for 'Ripley's - Believe it or not'.

Here is an example of an unlawful 'parking ticket' from a company called AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CAR PARKS PTY LTD ABN: 67 076 302 871.

The front of the ticket is as illustrated:

With the back contains the following:

The so called 'parking ticket' is delivered in a beautifully sealed weatherproof satchel with the words:

How to handle this fraud:

  • DO NOT REPLY to the company with your name and address details, they do not have your personal details.

  • Cross out the ticket with the words NULL and VOID, and send back to them without your details.

The Australian (corporate) government still has not put a stop to this extortion racket.


  • No such company by the name of 'Safeways'.
  • The so called 'officer' could be up for jail time for impersonating a Public Official.
 Read more : https://sites.google.com/site/unfairfines/home

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