Friday, September 19, 2014

Australia IS an Independent Nation - The corruption of Australia's legal system

The people who sit in the positions of magistrates, judges, judicial clerks, etc are committing fraud, and something that not too many Australians would be familiar with, a term called treason.
Many Australians are blissfully unaware that they are fraudulently contracted out to the courts, engaging in business / commerce / trading with the court without their knowledge or full disclosure of the business transaction, meaning a list of all the interested parties or stakeholders, bonds used as apparently required by law.
To compound this matter and to keep the masses in the dark, the corporate media has been instructed to not report on certain court matters.
It gets even worse if or when you hire a solicitor, lawyer or barrister as they work for the system and they perpetuate the fraud even further.
Another important fact to note is that when you hire a lawyer to 're-present' you, you are seen as a mute or dunce incapable of thinking, therefore your right to speak in court is taken away from you.
The matters brought before a court may seem as insignificant or trivial as a red light camera fine, parking fine, public transport "Metro officer's" authority, police brutality or unlawful arrest, but to the trained legal observer, the case may hold information that questions the very validity of law in Australia, something that the brotherhood have been fraudulently working on for many generations, that could quite easily threaten the police state of Australia.
The judicature is all too aware of this, and as a result commits crimes every day ranging from tampering with court evidence / recordings, falsifying official documents / transcripts which are put on official government databases like Austlii, handing out unlawful judgements, 'erring' in law, supressing information in certain court cases (the 'court' being a public forum), from the general populous.
As a result to protect the corrupt legal system in Australia, certain laws are being put in place so that so one cannot record, and expose the corruption of the legal system.
These actions are also supported by police, where police tamper with video and audio recordings prior or after court cases, where police are incriminated.
Police prosecutors shred evidence that is supplied to the courts that incriminates the illegal activities of police.
With reference to the referendum put before the people of Scotland as to become an independent nation, the corporate media in Australia has mentioned that Australia is not an independent nation and that maybe there should be some consideration as to whether or not Australia should become a republic.
See article:
According to High Court Australia documentation, in the specific and widely known case, within the legal community, of Sue v Hill (1999), Australia is an independent nation. 
See Corpau article, which includes the documented case:
  • Australia is independent of the United Kingdom?
  • How and when did Australia become soverign?
  • On which date did this occur?
  • When do Australians celebrate 'Independence Day', again?
Another document worth noting is of the title:
Australia's Independence, from the souce at:

So, Who's lying?

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