16 September 2014

Off the rails: Train PSO probed for rape and torture still armed at work

The PSO.
A PROTECTIVE services officer accused of raping and torturing a woman has been permitted to keep policing Melbourne’s rail network despite his alleged victim’s concerns for public safety. 
Victoria Police said it launched an internal investigation into the officer, in his mid-30s, after the claims were made in May.

The internal investigation is still “active and ongoing” almost four months later, though a criminal investigation has not been initiated despite the alleged victim’s pleas.

The woman claims the force has deliberately hampered a criminal investigation, is trying to cover up the serious allegations by dealing with it internally, and is shocked Victoria Police is allowing the man to work in the community while the matter ­remains unresolved.

“He is violent and dangerous but they give him a gun and allow him to carry on working,” the victim said.
“I simply don’t understand.”

It is alleged the PSO, who cannot be named for legal reasons, locked his victim in a room in her Reservoir home, brutally raped her and tortured her, including burning her hand with an iron rod.

The woman has told authorities the PSO’s attacks started in December last year and she was beaten so badly she miscarried her baby.

It has been alleged that on February 3 this year, the PSO went to her home in a fit of rage and at 4am beat her so badly that it caused heavy bleeding.

“I was about 10 weeks’ pregnant and when I saw all the blood, I wanted to phone for an ambulance, I wanted to get medical help, but he stopped me,” she sobbed.

“He beat me and kicked my belly and I lost the baby. I was crying like hell and he still showed no humanity.”
The alleged victim fled overseas on March 2. Soon after, she made complaints to the Commonwealth Ombudsman, IBAC and then to Australian Federal Police (AFP), unsure of the correct procedure to follow.

AFP then referred her to Victoria Police and the allegations were officially made to them on May 22.

She was later told that Victoria Police Professional Standards Command received the complaints the next day. But she did not hear from Victoria Police until June 17.

Despite a full statement, detailing all the allegations, the alleged victim then received an email on July 8 from a tactical intelligence officer to provide the same information again.

A further email was received on July 24, from a detective sergeant, asking for all the information to be resent yet again.

And the following day she received another email: “Do you want a criminal investigation to proceed with the view of (him) being charged criminally if there is sufficient evidence to support any charges? If so, are you able to make a signed and sworn statement in relation to your complaint of offences that occurred in Victoria?”

She replied immediately, stating she did want a criminal investigation started and would be willing to make a signed and sworn statement. She followed up with several emails but has not heard back.

“It’s like they are protecting him, hoping I will go away if they ignore me for long enough,” she said.

“How can they treat victims this way? Why does it take months and months with no end in sight?”

The Sunday Herald Sun approached the PSO for comment but he refused to comment, saying only that he continued to work for Victoria Police and that the force was investigating.

Victoria Police spokeswoman Kelly Yates confirmed the matter was still under investigation. “It is ­inappropriate to comment ­further,” she said.

heraldsun.com.au  14 Sep 2014

This is another example of the corruption of Victoria Police, in that the criminal activities of their employee are supported by the fact that the PSO is still working for the company (Victoria Police), and their own company is investigating the matter, rather than an external body.

Make no mistake about it, Victoria Police is a corrupt organisation, which is supported by the corrupt Anglo-Masonic legal system.

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