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Tony Abbott responds to curly indigenous Rights question by repeating himself in Arnhem Land

Australian PM Tony Abbott walks with indigenous Australians from the Yirrkala community t
Australian PM Tony Abbott walks with indigenous Australians from the Yirrkala community today. Picture: Jack Tran Source: Supplied
THIS isn’t exactly the response Australia was hoping for. 

In case you missed it, Prime Minister Tony Abbott is spending the week in Arnhem Land and learning the ways of indigenous culture.

We’ll give the Prime Minister kudos for the fact it’s the first time in Australian history a serving Prime Minister has done this.

“For an entire week, Aboriginal people will have my full focus and attention as Prime Minister,” Mr Abbott said in a statement.

Even better, he’s promised to make it an annual visit.

But today, the Prime Minister failed to address one of the biggest issues facing indigenous Australians.

Figures show the rate of indigenous children being forcibly taken from their families has risen almost 400 per cent in 15 years, prompting Aboriginal Elders to condemn what they are labelling a ‘new Stolen Generation’.



PM Tony Abbott, pictured here in Yirrkala community school today, wants to keep indigenou
PM Tony Abbott, pictured here in Yirrkala community school today, wants to keep indigenous children in school. Picture: Jack Tran Source: News Corp Australia
Let’s rewind.

In an NITV exclusive earlier last week, NITV News published confronting footage of The Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) and New South Wales police raiding an indigenous family’s home in Moree to forcibly remove a number of children.

Allegedly armed in riot gear, shields, helmets, assault rifles, SBS says police woke the parents by pointing guns at them, before handcuffing them as they removed their children from the premises.

Police deny any guns were used in the confrontation.

“Eight children aged between 1 and 13, who had been identified as being at risk, were removed from a home … by FACS,” a statement to NITV read.

According to SBS, NSW Police “confirmed the raid occurred” and the children “were placed in temporary foster care”, but have been returned to their parents.

“We’ve received nothing but torture, pain and emptiness inside our home, heart and soul and in our mind,” the father of the family said.

Today, during a press conference in Arnhem Land, Mr Abbott spent his time focusing on keeping Aboriginal children in school.

As he was accepting questions, NITV journalist Myles Morgan took the opportunity to ask the Prime Minister a curly, but important question.

“I need to take you back to January in Moree when NSW Police in riot gear raided a home to remove eight children. Is that an appropriate use of force?”

Mr Abbott began by referring to his days on the Truancy Team in Arukune (in Far North Queensland) in 2009.

“I was told by my fellow truancy officers that they liked having me along because I looked a bit like a policemen, and that was quite good at getting the kids to turn up”, he said.

“Look, I think that it is important to get the kids to school. It is important to get the kids to school and I think all reasonable measures should be considered to get the kids to school because there’s no way they’re going to get a decent education if they don’t go to school and a decent education is the foundation of a good life.”
Unsatisfied with Mr Abbot’s answer, Mr Myles persisted.

“That’s not the answer I was looking for, Prime Minister,’’ he said.

“They went to the home to remove the kids from their home, so they were given over to FACS. Is it an appropriate use of force for police in riot gear to go into homes and remove indigenous children?”

Calm. Cool. Collected? Mr Abbott answers questions in Arnhem Land.
Calm. Cool. Collected? Mr Abbott answers questions in Arnhem Land. Source: Supplied
Mr Abbott’s answer?

“I think it’s perfectly appropriate to try to get the kids to school,’’ Mr Abbott said.

“Now, I’m not here to give advice to the NSW government or NSW Police but certainly the discussions I’ve had with all the premiers and chief ministers on this subject are we need to try much, much harder, we need to consider new measures to try to ensure that kids go to school.”

In a conversation with, executive producer of NITV, Malarndirri McCarthy, said Mr Abbott’s response to their questions were “confusing”.

The EP said the network had alerted Mr Abbott’s office on Monday to the fact they were seeking response to their questions and that “we had kept the PMs office informed”.

“They knew the question was coming," Ms Malarndirri said.

In a response to, Mr Abbott’s office told us, “the PM clearly set the context of his answer. The response is not specifically related to the Moree case.”

Indigenous Australia is still looking for an answer. 17 Sept 2014

Two points of concern here.

Point 1:

Another Prime Minister in office unlawfully, a minor detail that the corporate media has omitted.

With New Zealand, the invading English signed a treaty ( Treaty of Waitangi) with the indigenous people, and therefore established a framework to implement the Westminster legal system.

Thus it has been noted that the Queen has a special relationship with the Māori people.

The English war ships (under the quise of explorers, headed by Captain Cook) have landed on the continent known as Kamerra by the indigenous peoples, and have taken the land at gunpoint, calling it Australia.

A different set of rules applies and the same implementation of Westminster law, as in New Zealand cannot be applied to the people living/born on the occupied land of Australia

Tony Abbott sits in office unlawfully, as a result should be removed, charged with treason, and dealt with accordingly, i.e jailed or executed, in accordance with the inherent laws of England at the time of the military takeover of the nation.

Point 2:

The indigenous children are being once again 'stolen' from their parents, another criminal act by the corporatised Australian government, where no one is held responsible, and no repercussions or criminal convictions are ever laid.

This is how the fraudulent Australian government operates.

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