Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bali 9 Execution a deliberate distraction?

With the 'Murderduck' media in full swing going into graphic detail of how two drug smugglers were going to get murdered in another country, what really went on behind the scenes in Australia?

What Bill went through that was really going to effect the lives of Australians? What Act was sneakily slid under the public radar that was going to enslave the masses even more?

When the plebs are celebrating or distracted with other events that's when parliament puts through even dodgier Bill / Acts than the ones that meet (if ever) public awareness.

Pity the mainstream media's courtroom reporters do not publish in graphic detail of "how to get out of fines" that people have great success from just knowing the dodgy laws and how to maneuver around them, using THEIR (unlawful) laws.

Pity the mainstream media's courtroom reporters do not expose the criminal action of the so called Victorian 'sheriff' Brendan Facey, and his illegitimate (bastard) sheriffs.

Could this be a conspiracy theory with a greater threat than ISIS could ever pose??? !!! ???

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