Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Can police successfully prosecute speeding motorist from this photo?

Australia's police 'force' is out in full swing, on the roads policing the 'speed' limit, as apparently their argument is that there are too many deaths on our roads.

What is totally neglected, is other facts of life that are far worse killers, and kill more of our populous than the nation's roads.

Smoking related diseases like cancer, or fast food excess additives like salt kill far more of the masses than any road toll, multiplied by six, or even more.

As an example, a health study reports that excess salt in people's diet kills six times more Victorians than their road toll.

See article:

If the police were really serious about saving 'lives' they would issue infringements out to the corporations that created these cancers.


the real question is can police lawfully issue an infringement notice for an alleged offence of travelling over the 'speed limit'.

From the illustration above it looks like the "Speeding Gods" were on the side of this traveler, where an alleged speed of nearly 181km/h was reached, on a Victorian road?

Every single day thousands of Australian motorists are snapped by speed or red light cameras where they are then issued an 'infringement notice', without one lawful action taking place in the ENTIRE process.

The alleged evidence is all based on hearsay, where even the photos are not original, but modified.

An extortion racket is in play every single day of the Australian motoring public's lives with only but a minute fraction comprehending this nationwide fraud, and challenging, and winning, where these 'facts' are not reported by the mainstream media.

We welcome this information to be commented on by Victoria Police via the public forum, facebook, in the comments section below the posted article, on how to obtain a successful prosecution, from the above illustration.

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