Friday, May 15, 2015

The US Consulate in Melbourne warns terror attack in Australia is ‘likely’

The US has issued a warning to its citizens in Victoria.
The US has issued a warning to its citizens in Victoria. Source: AFP
THE US Consulate in Melbourne has warned it’s citizens in Victoria and around the country to be on high alert, declaring a terror attack on Australian soil was “likely”. 

It’s the first time this century that the consulate has issued such a warning, and said it reflected the heightened security level of the Australian government.

The alert comes in the wake of a number of terror related arrests in the state. Last month, a 17-year-old was charged on suspicion of carrying out a terror plot on Mother’s day. The police operation came just weeks after a separate incident where an 18-year-old Melbourne man was charged when police uncovered plans for an “ISIS inspired” terror attack on Anzac Day.

Due to the nature of the ongoing threat, US consulate is compelling its citizens to “maintain a high level of vigilance” and to “take appropriate steps” to enhance their personal security.

“U.S. citizens are strongly encouraged to review your personal security plan, remain aware of your surroundings including local events, and monitor local news stations for updates.” the alert says.

The warning comes as the court date has been set for a 14-year-old British boy who is facing terror charges for his involvement in the Anzac Day terror plans. The boy has been charged with two counts of inciting another to commit an act of terror. It is alleged he recruited the 18-year-old Melbourne man and had incited him to behead strangers in the name of IS.

A spokesperson for the US Embassy in Canberra told The Australian yesterday that all overseas missions were mandated by US law to share information that impacts on the American expatriate community.

The US consulate also urged its citizens living in Australia to enrol in the Department of State’s Smart Traveller Enrolment Program. The program allows subscribers to receive security updates and “makes it easier” for the consulate to contact its citizens. 15 May 2015

From the article: 
"The US has issued a warning to its citizens in Victoria."
 As a side note Victoria is a state of Australia, where its people are subjects of the Queen, and the laws of England apply, where this is confirmed in ANY court case where R v .... appears on the list.

The term citizen applies to people who are part of a republic.

It may be viewed by some that since the 'Commonwealth of Australia' is registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Australia is owned by the US.

How interesting that the US authorities are 'predicting' an attack on Aussie sold and not the Australian intelligence organisations.

It would be very interesting to see what outcome would occur (in law) from an alleged attack, the authorities saved the general populous from, or who would attack on which next significant event.

Only time will tell.

As a side note, the Port Arthur massacre was carried out (in Tasmania) by an alleged gunman, Martin Bryant, with sniper skills, where 35 people were killed, together with another 23 being injured, by the person with an I.Q. of approximately 70.

As a result of the massacre in Tasmania, the government pushed (law abiding) Victorians (and not the criminals) into hand in in their weapons.

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