Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Australia the new Paedophile's Paradise?

It seems that the Australian 'justice' system is in support of paedophilia.

Is it letting out criminals, so that they can re-offend, create more victims from the slave populous, and keep the 'justice' business afloat?

From Queensland, Gary Brabham raped a 6 year old girl and only gets 6 months jail...

From Victoria a CONVICTED pervert gets 'unlimited' (?) access to fresh meat, i.e. children of the slave population.

Would the sentences be different if children of the judiciary were raped?

Just showing the peasant victim's their true standing at law, i.e. that of a slave.


IF you do not pay unlawful fines from a toll company you can and will end up in prison for over a year, depending on the amount, i.e. more than for raping a 6 year old girl.

Still not caring about taking 'action' ??? !!! ???

Too much footy and beer in the house ???

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