Wednesday, December 14, 2016

VicRoads driver licence deliberate false information?

Can you really trust the corporation conglomerate in Australia called the  'authorities'?

Can you really trust what they put in writing to you, as 'lawful'?

Let's take a closer look at what a legal (but unlawful) licensing business called VicRoads writes to its customers.

This is an excerpt of what they write to their clients:

Carry your driver licence and/or learner permit while driving

You should carry your driver licence and/or learner permit while driving and produce it upon request to a police officer or a VicRoads Transport Safety Services Officer, see scan below:

If you are above 26 years of age you are under no legal obligation to produce your 'driver licence' to a police officer.

A 'VicRoads' Transport Safety Officer has no lawful power to instruct you to produce your 'driver licence'.

Road Safety Act 1986 Section 19 states:

(8)     A person under the age of 26 years who holds a driver licence must have the licence in his or her possession at all times while driving or in charge of a motor vehicle.
Penalty applying to this subsection: 5 penalty units.


Putting aside the validity of the Road Safety Act 1986.

Another bit of false / business enticing information produced by "VICTORIA State Government"?

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Tara Burke said...

It may well be an oversight in wording, How is the police officer able to know you are telling the truth when asked your age and name? why would you not want to be made to produce?? there are so many reasons this could be a good thing. Does the person even have a licence?
Also if the the horrid case of an accident, I'd like my body to be identified as soon as possible as my friends and loved ones would concerned of my absence.
surely carrying ID helps in this process?
You'd be hard pressed to find my dental records (fear of dentist,last visit 18 yrs ago / perfect teeth, praise be to whom ever is in charge, )
on another note, in a world of dishonesty, share houses and questionable motives perhaps its best kept on person after all