Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The 'system' supports criminal activities of imported savages

It looks like the message from the judicature is loud and clear to the imported savages that you can commit criminal activity against the good people of Australia and get away with it.

It seems like a conspiracy against the good people of Australia in order to terrorise them.

It's also a good way of keeping the court system busy, with repeat customers offenders.

See article from on 7 Feb 2018 of the headline:

No conviction for Highpoint thug who attacked police officer

A teenager who kicked a police officer in the face has walked free on probation after just one month behind bars.

The 17-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was already on probation for crimes including a home invasion when he kicked the police officer in the face at Highpoint shopping centre on Boxing Day.

The senior constable was on his hands and knees at the time, detaining a shoplifter.

The Herald Sun reports the Children’s Court last week sentenced the teenager to nine months of probation without conviction, allowing him to start his VCE this week.

Attorney-General Martin Pakula told 3AW News police prosecutors did not request a custodial sentence, “so there’s probably a bit more to it”.

But Police Association secretary Wayne Gatt told Ross and John “I’m not sure it’s the job of the police to do the job of the courts”.

“At least in this case … a conviction should’ve been recorded.

“I’d like to say members are shocked but they’re probably not, to be honest.

“It send the wrong message to members of our police force.”

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