Sunday, February 4, 2018

Australia the Police State speech falls on deaf ears

A video has been shared on youtube with regards to a speech made by Australian MP Andrew Wilkie, where he is warning the Australian Parliament that Australia is becoming a Police State.

We say otherwise.

What is commonly known as Australia today or technically New South Wales back then, became a British "possession" on 28th of April 1770, where Captain Cook together with Joseph Banks and Dr. Solander took the country under the name of King George the Third.

When the First Fleet arrived on the 26th of January 1788, Martial law was installed on the people of the land, where it has already progressed to a Police State many years ago.

If you notice the above screen capture from the video from the Australian Parliament, apart from the doorman and the administration staff, Mr. Wilkie is talking only to 3 (three) people that the camera can see.

Such an important matter and ONLY three people to tell it to?

Well it's blatantly obvious that the other MP's do not care that the subjects of Her Majesty live in a Police State.

See video (720p, 14m35s and 70MB download size):

The best part about this is that the people's silence is acquiescence.

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