Saturday, February 10, 2018

Politicians defrauding Aussie taxpayers in falsified 'Money for Mates' jobs

It is no wonder that the 'building' did not want to air out its dirty laundry with regards to Barnaby Joyce's (you know the person who is Australia's PM when the real PM is away) affair against his wife where what also would be revealed is that the staffer (Ms. Campion) got a high paid job from a made up role.

Ms. Campion is not a 'victim' in this matter but rather a person who is defrauding Australian taxpayers by accepting the (falsely made) job she is in.

This action is defrauding the Australian taxpayers of their hard earned cash, where in reality there should be an inquiry across the whole board into positions that are not realistically necessary.

If you support this action then there is no need to write a my will letter to your federal MP into an inquiry into the 'Money for Mates' jobs scam created by Australia's MPs.

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