Sunday, May 6, 2018

Imported rapist allowed to stay in Australia

"Australia the 'lucky' country" Right?

'Lucky' for who? The rapist or his victim(s)?

MANY victims of crime in Australia say that there is no 'justice' where they are correct, only rather a balance sheet with regards to liability.

It looks like it's back to 1788 penal colony policies, where the criminals are allowed to (freely) roam this countryside.

The Australian Government will allow registered sex offender (import) Sushil Kumar to stay in Australia and possibly rape more women.

Will you hold those people (for letting him stay) responsible if your daughter / wife gets raped by Sushil Kumar? After all they are liable, right?

It's all about a 'fair go' for the offenders and NOT the victims.

Failure of Government? Nope! Functioning exactly as the law makers intend it to.

The Australian Government, living up to community expectations?

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Svetlana Rauzer said...

Australian courts are the most corrupt in the Western world,the public has lost its faith in them I have no doubt about this.