09 May 2008

Victorian councils spraying drinking water on dusty roads

AS millions of Victorians save shower water in buckets and watch their gardens die, councils are spraying fresh drinking water on dusty streets.

The Greater Dandenong Council council says it's all part of a dust suppression treatment program for its seven unsealed roads, a report in the Dandenong Leader says.

Neighbouring Casey Council also uses fresh water to reduce dust rising off its roads.

But the revelation has angered Dandenong Cr Peter Brown, who called it a "scandalous squandering of drinking water".

"(To think that) mains water has been used as a frequent roads dust suppressant while residents have watched their trees and gardens die by complying with the water restrictions is little short of scandalous," Cr Brown said.

He said more council roads should be sealed to stem the waste.

Engineering services director Tim Tamlin has confirmed the council used "potable water" for its unsealed roads network.

He could not say how much water had been used during road construction, but the council has spent $16,000 on dust suppression on a one road alone last year.

How much water was used "depended on the weather", Mr Tamlin said.

South East Water spokeswoman Fiona Fernandes said the water authority would work with the council to find alternative solutions.

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Herald Sun 14 April 2008

Typical Roman Empire attitude, punish the people, whilst living in opulence !

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