20 May 2009

Pollies cashing in on living allowance

Federal politicians who own homes in Canberra are claiming thousands of dollars in travel expenses during sitting weeks of parliament.

Taxpayers are paying for daily accommodation expenses of up to $215 claimed by politicians who are staying at their own residence, News Limited reports.

The practice is not illegal and at least one in five parliamentarians is cashing in.

Should the practice be illegal? Share your thoughts on these revelations below.

Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard bought a property in Kingston in March of last year but claimed the travel allowance for 44 days, totalling $8,536.

The wife of Resources and Tourism Minister Martin Ferguson owns a house in Florey, which he uses as his residence when staying in the capital.

In the first six months of 2008, he claimed the travel allowance for 75 days in Canberra, receiving $14,550 in taxpayer dollars.

During the same period, Small Business Minister Craig Emerson claimed nearly $11,000 in travel allowances while he was staying in Canberra.

aap 20 May 2009

Plain and simple, FRAUD.

If you defraud the government in the SAME manner you WILL be charged and have to pay back the monies stolen.

These people are ABOVE the law, and will NOT be charged.

A 'LOOPHOLE' is a law that is specifically designed for the people 'in the know' to be taken advantage of.

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