19 May 2009

Tests reveal father of 'Alfie's baby'

A 15-year-old boy has been revealed as the biological father of baby Maisie Roxanne, the child that "Britain's youngest dad" Alfie Patten had claimed as his own.

DNA test proved two months ago that baby-faced Alfie, who is 13 years old, is not the father — despite Maisie's 15-year-old mother, Chantelle Stedman, insisting otherwise The Sun newspaper reports.

The newspaper has now named schoolboy Tyler Barker, who lives on the same East Sussex estate as Chantelle, as the real father following a $640 paternity test arranged by social services.

Alfie is said to be devastated and "extremely distressed" by the test results.

After the world first heard of Alfie and his incredible story, six local boys stepped forward claiming to have fathered Maisie.

But Chantelle was adamant she lost her virginity to the 121cm-tall boy, who appeared as a doting father.

Tyler, whose family has claimed he is the real father since Maisie was born in February, says he had unprotected sex with Chantelle just once when he was 14.

He claims Chantelle told him she would take the morning after-pill.

"I thought she'd take care of it," he said at the time.

Just after Maisie's birth, Tyler's dad said his son had broken down in tears at the thought of becoming a father.

"He thinks his life has been ruined by this," Chris Ireland said.

Chantelle, whose family has gone into hiding, is now hoping to go back to school for one day a week.

It is expected that her mother Penny, who has six kids herself, will help raise Maisie.

aap 19 May 2009

Posted purely for entertainment reasons, and nothing else, as at the end of the day Trailer Park Trash has the right to breed as well.

The mass media deliberately omits the following fact:

The Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act 2000 thus equalised the age of consent at 16 for all sexual acts (including, for the first time, lesbian acts).

She had sex before the age a 16, therefore a CRIME has been committed.

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