14 September 2009

Kaz Computer Services hires druggie

Kaz Computer Services or sometimes otherwise known in the industry as Spaz ( an Australian slang term for spastic (old term) / disabled (politically correct new age term)) is well known for providing dodgy computer services or hiring (cheap) Indian migrant labour via New Zealand as a back door.

Their less than successful business practices are supported by the lack of interest to offload by Telstra, and the loss of major accounts.

Whilst in today's (officially) 'politically correct' environment, we cannot say that a drug user is NOT allowed to integrate into society, and that we MUST given them a second - fifteenth chance, what we CAN say is that person would have NOT got the job if it weren't for their Anglo-Masonic father.

A well known statistic is that 70% of jobs get filled internally, and that the remainder (30%) are all that's advertised.

The individual hired, presented NO skills to fulfill the job description, but was hired on the basis of who they know, and NOT what they know.

Another example of cronyism.

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