19 September 2009

Telstra Fraud Above the Law

Telstra is an Australian (ex Government) telecommunications MONOPOLY despite the fact that there are other telcos (Optus, Hutchison,Vodafone) being present.

In the mobile circus, unless technology is used for comms to 'hop' from tower to tower, it passes on Telstra owned copper cable, the customer will NEVER benefit.

A monopoly generally is at the expense of the customer, and none can be more true than that of the telcoms industry in Australia. Telstra has withheld technology, and Australia has one of this highest price paid for telecoms/ internet in the developed world.

In another fraudulent action, Telstra has decided to make a law unto itself by charging the customer for paying its bill.

The form in which this is done is that Telstra is charging $2 for every bill payed at the post office.

  • The Australian public has been given the option to pay most (utility) bills at the post office.
  • No other company, penalises for paying bills at the post office.
  • Telstra's action will provide the vehicle for others to follow.

Naturally Telstra's marketing department AND its legal team will tell the public that it is for THEIR benefit, BUT the underlying motives are FAR greater.

In accordance with the policies of the new world, governments cannot 'force' people quickly enough to adhere to the 'cashless society'. In order to speed things up a little, incentives (frequent flyer points) are given by credit card companies for people to go 'cashless'.

This form of payment is naturally sold to the public in a palatable form, giving them 'benefits'.

At the end of the day, it's about TOTAL government control into YOUR life.

Telstra has committed a fraudulent act against it's customers, BUT since this is in line with global policies the ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) a government organisation, cannot and WILL NOT go against it's own policies.

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Unknown said...

Telstra have told me that they are above the 'Law'! We run a small business and have for least 4 years had an issue with a crackling line? Call Telstra they send out an engineer. Engineer arrives and always says "There is not a problem at the 'MDF' box mate. Its an inrenal issue!" We call our private engineers who have tested everything including our alarm systems etc. We have replaced ALL cabling internally and sockets to date. Still we have a problem. The noise started again and we are in the process again of replacing cabling etc. Today I responsed to Telstra own customer care (or dont care line) and told them that should internal lines be found at my cost to be fine that I will be sending Telstra the bill as my internal cabling stops at the wall where their cabling joins. Telstra told me that I cannot send them a bill its fruitless Telstra will not pay and its actually against the law to do so. So by waving the red flag at the by now severely wounded bull. Naturally I responded and informed them that I will be sending them the bill. Watch this space.