20 June 2010

KFC - Smaller Products

It is a well known fact within the Junk Food Manufacturing Industry that it's products are getting smaller every year, whilst at the same time escalating in price to the consumer.

As an example corpau.blogspot.com measured Kentuckey Fried Chicken towels in its posession.

The packaging of the currently served towel illustrated on the left measures 5.4cm compared to that of 6.0 of a couple of years prior.

In a recent article on A Current Affair, titled Big Mac or smaller mac Mac Donalds said
"you cannot compare the same product of 20 years in difference as there are different market trends".


If a burger bun measures 14 cm 20 years ago and measures 10cm today. Simple mathematics indicated that it has SHRUNK 4 cm.

BIGGER means BIGGER and SMALLER means just that IRRESPECTIVE of 'trends'.

Macdonalds has stated that some of its burgers ARE smaller.

Choice magazine has also stated that the products are smaller.

Large Corporations defraud the public (LIE) and there are NO PENALTIES.

If an individual lies in court it's called perjury.

Donut King also do NOT supply 1 serve of sugar BUT 10% less.

Currently a Burger meal from KFC in Australia costs $8.20
for a Burger, Regular Chips and a drink

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