11 July 2010

NBN - Governemnt Lies

What the ads claim:

The recent ads on Australian T.V. are what is called in 'old school' terms as propaganda, i.e. lies which are sold to the public in a palatable form.

What the ads do not mention is that the Australian Telecommunications Giant
Telstra, has stifled technology, but rather acknowledge that Australia is behind other developed countries like USA Japan and Sweden.

The ads claims that the new rollout of fibreoptic cable project, dubbed NBN, that this will increase the data rates of 100 times what the population currently experiences.

It is NOT uncommon to have ADSL/ADSL2 data rates of 2Mbps or even 8Mbps, compared to 100Mbps or even up to 200Mbps for the Americans.

Under the claims of the government ads, Australia should be expericencing 200Mbps or even 800Mbps, which is just a plain LIE.

Real Data Rates:

Again information NOT available to the general public, current real world data rates in test examples of which one is in Tasmania and the other on the Mainland, show that real download rates vary from 30Mbps to 50Mbps.

Internet Censorship:

What the government is keeping out of the public eye is that in proposals to censor the internet, reports have been submitted, that show that the current infrastructure is not able to cope with the extra demands of censorship. Thus the birth of a marketing campaign that shows how the government 'cares' for your download rates.

The NBN National Broadband Network is just a quicker way to censor us.

Governments quite often use "retail" versions to push a hidden agenda.

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