01 November 2010

Pie and Coke - Real Junk Food

Here is another example in a Food Store that advertises junk food for lunch.

In this example there is the great Aussie (Bogan) Icon:
the meat pie,
together with a 600ml carcinogenic drink of Coca Cola.

600ml of soft drink contains approx 18 teaspoons of sugar.
You deserve to be a diabetic after having this drink in your diet.

Coca Cola is also responsible for your body inhibiting the absorption of calcium, together with it's acidic qualities, responsible for tooth enamel degradation, accelerating tooth decay.

The great Aussie Meat Pie is made from highly processed reject meat, with very little nutritional value.

The food authority is NOT serious about the health of the (peasant) population by the shear fact that these 'food' stuffs are advertised.

This food is realistically targeted at the Canon Fodder of society.

Current reality chef gurus, advertise on Australian TV that you can feed the entire family (Parents with 2 children) for dinner for $10.00

The above illustrated meal at $6.80, is an absolute rip off, taking into consideration that Coca Cola Amatil buys water from the Australian government at $1.40 per 1,000,000 litres.

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