30 October 2010

Alternative Energy - Deliberate misinformation

In today's world, whether it's through politics or science, the new agenda is to promote self sustainability, through using less resources, and promoting a cleaner environment.

Catch phrases are being used like:

Green Energy Revolution
Renewable Resources

to push people onto the conservation bandwagon together with fear to motivate purchasing of expensive technology by advertising :

"Do it now or the offer will no longer be valid."

or by using the images of smiling children, and by saying that if you do not do this, your children's future is jeopardised. Who would NOT do anything for their children?

One of the ways to a cleaner environment is for governments to push the masses to create their own electricity.

In this post wind generation will be examined.

There is a DELIBERATE attempt to hide the facts with respect to costs regarding electricity generation, or the fact that the end user is put onto a higher electricity tariff, if a self generating electricity device is connected to the residence.

The above shown illustration is that of a wind turbine detracting from the normal windmill type installation.

It consists of two modules that generate total maximum of 1,000 watts for a price to the consumer of $AUD 4,500.

Each module can produce up to 500 watts at an advertised wind speed of 12.5 m/s.

The number 12.5 'seems' a small number, and to most people that would not mean much.

If the wind speed was converted to 45 km per hour or 28 miles per hour, that would give a better understanding to Mr. Joe Average.

On the Beaufort scale : 12.5 m/s or 45 km/h or 28 mph is a
Strong breeze or a Beaufort Number: 6

The Land conditions of such a breeze are defined as :

Large branches in motion.
Whistling heard in overhead wires.
Umbrella use becomes difficult.
Empty plastic garbage cans tip over.

For most suburban areas of Australia i.e 95% of the population, wind generated electricity is NOT an option for the end user, as the wind speed does NOT get anywhere near the manufacturers optimum for power generation, as the average wind speed is generally in the vicinity of 5 m/s or 18 km/h or 11 mph.

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