19 March 2013

City council rates illegal - Pirates of the Suburbs

Corruption in government costs the community dearly, in more ways than just financially. In this article the focus is on the illegal collection of monies by local city councils and the drone police force acting on the illegal action of government.

The corporate media is a government sponsored lap dog, where misinformation is deliberately spread to confuse the general public.

Also certain information is forbidden to publicised at all costs, and if the information is made public the consequences are for life.

The corporate media focuses on the entertainment of the herd population. 

It will focus on a party kid, or an idiotic moron miming to pop songs, a teenager who’s song is disliked by millions will be called a ‘sensation’, to just name a few examples.

Information that poses a threat to the ruling elite is labelled as a ‘conspiracy theory’ or people who post important information are ridiculed publicly or the posters are labelled as losers or loners or mentally unstable.

In Melbourne, Victoria in late 2012 a group of people decided to tackle the fraudulent collection of rates monies by city councils in the outer north western town of Melton.

The sitting at Melton City Council was recorded by the person questioning the rates collection employed by the city council.

City council members also stated that it was illegal to record, but this is NOT the case. They just got caught in one of the biggest lies and did not know how to handle it.

It is very doubtful that the corporate media will ever focus on the video, as the fraud is worth billions to city councils.

To the layman city councils are believed to be lawful and a part of government, which is NOT true.

City councils are corporations which are illegally charging for rates.

The video which exposed this lie is titled:

Pirates of the Suburbs – Destroying communities 

by Renren Illiad posted on 31 Dec 2012

The youtube video in this article should be watched by every land owner in Australia.

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