25 July 2013

Council under attack

MELTON City Council mayor Kathy Majdlik was escorted to her car by police after last week’s council meeting.

She has also received threats and remains “fearful” of a group of unruly residents.

However, Cr Majdlik declared she and her fellow councillors would not bow to pressure.

The vow came in the wake of Melton City Council’s first meeting last week, where incensed residents wreaked havoc in council chambers and were forcibly removed by police.

Cr Majdlik admitted that after last year’s final meeting, which was abandoned when the same group caused chaos within the gallery, she and other councillors held grave concerns for their safety – a concern supported by the strong police presence at last week’s meeting.

“We had to be escorted to our cars. I don’t know what to expect … in council chambers or when I’m out. It’s the unknown that I’m fearful of.

“All sorts of thoughts go through your head. I have been verbally abused … threats have been made.”
Cr Majdlik said she was “extremely disappointed” with the behaviour of the group and that the safety of other gallery members, councillors and council officers, was paramount.

“What they displayed was absolutely shocking,” she said.

The commotion began during public question time when a female member of the gallery ignored repeated requests from Cr Majdlik to refrain from filming the meeting.

Cr Majdlik then called on police to remove her from council chambers at which time a verbal confrontation ensued.

The female was eventually ejected from chambers. At least another three members of the gallery, were also forcibly removed from the chambers after they entered into a verbal altercation with members of the police force.

One resident who was thrown out of chambers threatened to sue police for “manhandling” him.
The rowdy meeting continued amid yelling from the council foyer.

During last year’s final meeting the council faced a torrent of questions from landowners questioning the council over taxes and rate increases.

Cr Majdlik read a statement at the opening of last week’s meeting asking members of the gallery to be respectful during the meeting.

“The council will not tolerate members who are disrespectful,” Cr Majdlik read.

“Those who are will be called to order and then removed by Victoria Police … this is an unfortunate consequence of previous disruptions.”

Cr Majdlik told Star any future attempts to disrupt council meetings would be futile and it will be “business as usual”.

“A bit of loud protesting won’t stop us.

“It’s full steam ahead to achieve the best outcome for the community.”

Cr Majdlik said Melton police will continue to attend meetings.

starcommunity.com.au 13 Feb 2013

Misinformation, incomplete information or just plain false information is a definite agenda of the corporate media.

The allegations made by the people at the alleged receiving end are factually false.

The content of the meeting was (deliberately) NOT revealed by the publication, which was about the false issuing of council rates to residents, and the lawful legitimacy of local council masquerading as so called government, which they are NOT.

The corporate media does not wish to draw attention to these matters, as its implication of fraud, span billions of dollars Australia wide.

Currently the government is fully aware that local councils are NOT Constitutional, and their collection of 'rates' is FRAUDULENT.

On the agenda of the election campaign of 2013 is for the public to vote for councils to be recognised as part of the Constitution.

Two previous referendums regarding the recognition of city councils were voted by the public in a majority vote of 'NO', yet the people of Australia were still mandated to pay 'rates'.

Ordinary citizens now have the information that was previously suppressed by corrupt authorities, and now have the power to publish the results.

Videos posted on YouTube by Rena Iliades show the extent of the fraud of city councils using the city council of Melton as precedence.

In the beginning, the 'council members' were NOT aware that the meeting was video taped, which is perfectly legal to do.

Once it was realised that the meeting was video taped, the mood of the 'authority' changes.

Pirates of the Suburbs - Destroying Communities

Pirates of the Suburbs Part 2a

Pirates of the Suburbs Part 2b


The major Kathy Majdlik of the business known as the 'Melton City Council' is being investigated for alleged fraud.

More details to follow.

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