27 July 2013

Judges let criminals loose to support the system

In Australia the majority of the population is not aware that the so called courts are factually corporations, i.e. businesses that function to bring in revenue for their brethren.

The corporate media being at the disposal of the 'authorities' also conceals many facts or has the order not to report on certain topics in order not to enlighten the herd population.

One such topic is that the businesses known as 'local city councils' are unlawfully collecting 'rates' and are NOT part of any government body.

This deception has been exposed, but not reported by the corporate media, as the cost of this fraud is worth billions.

The policy is that the monies stolen from the populous are NEVER returned.

Another fraud that stares every (canon fodder) victim of crime, family is one of the legal system letting criminals get away 'Scott Free'.

A very well publicised matter by the corporate media circus is the one of the murder of Jill Meagher, last year in an inner Melbourne laneway, by her accused killer Adrian Ernest Bayley.

Bayley was let out previously, in full knowledge (of the judge) that he would re offend. He is only one of many that is let out.

Many families are struggling to comprehend this 'madness', which has a very sound foundation.

Corpau has just recently heard a recording from a strictly anonymous source, of a high ranking judge stating that they have the order to let criminals walk free, fully aware that the criminals will re offend.

The judge then goes on to say that this is a policy that is adhered to across the board, as it 'feeds the system'.

He then mentions (in a derogatory manner) that effected families hire lawyers for tens of thousands of dollars to bring the 'criminals' before the courts only to slap on a 'fine'.

This is an abhorrent misuse of the legal system, where in reality the judges should pay dearly for their deliberate contempt of court.

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