16 October 2013

The Legal Oath - Is it really for the benefit to the client?

Many Australians feel hard done by the so called 'justice system', when it comes to anything from a simple parking fine to the judges freeing hardened criminals, rapists and killers.

There is no doubt that the United States of America is the most litigious nation on the planet, and per capita Australia is at a second place.

Australia's legal system is a closed industry where exorbitant sums of money change hands.

The Joe / Jane Average may believe that the courts are government institutions, and this is where the fundamental misconception lies.

For example:

The Family Law Court or Fedeal Circuit Court is a corporation with an
ABN (Australian Business Number) of: 60 265 617 271

Victorian Magistrates' Court or MAGISTRATES COURT VICTORIA has an ABN of : 32 790 228 959

ABN of : 32 790 228 959

The courts (read corporations) engage (trick) their 'customers' in binding contracts.

The people who work for the system, e.g. barristers, Q.C's (Queens Counsels) etc have to swear an oath.

What is this oath and what does it mean?

The oath within the industry is known as the 3 C's.

The oath is to the:

  1.   COURT
  3.   CLIENT
Anyone working for the 'system' swears their allegiance firstly to (the benefit of) the court, secondly to their colleagues, and then lastly to the client.

Any so called judge or magistrate makes their decision, firstly to the (financial) benefit of the court taking into consideration their colleagues (barristers, lawyers) secondly, and then the client last.

Another unwritten rule is that judgments are made also firstly to the benefit of 'brethren' vs non-brethren, irrespective of any evidence or who is right.

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