28 January 2014

How the judges buy your court matter

One of Australia’s most corrupt institutions is the current judicial (federal, state and local) system that is extensively supported by an army of personnel in the ‘legal system’ to perpetuate the fraud with the enforcers being Australia’s (corrupt) sheriff’s office and the police force, which are all corporations and not part of any legitimate government of Australia subservient to the Australian people.

The key objective by authorities is to keep knowledge and information away from the hands of the general populous, and oppress those who possess it.

In order to keep the (fraudulent) system intact, individuals are initially discouraged from speaking out or documenting the level of fraud committed.

When those tactics fail the next level is stepped up to inform the persons involved of ‘career suicide’ or threats of never being able to obtain another job anywhere, which naturally may lead to financial difficulty and the breakup of the family unit, where the ‘system’ will be in control of the personal affairs of the individuals.

What the majority of Australians are unaware of, is that the so called (current) government of Australia is a ‘corporation’ with corporate agreements that the general populous (unknowingly / unwittingly) are bound to and thus penalised for, which incidentally are unlawful.

The (so called) Australian courts, which all have an ABN (Australian Business Number) are factually places of trading, commerce and business.

Any documentation that contains the coat of arms of the kangaroo and emu, is documentation from a corporation, that invites you to a binding agreement with that corporation, e.g. an alleged (speeding / red light camera) offence.

As a note, The SUPREME COURT OF VICTORIA (BUSINESS UNIT 19) with the ABN 32 790 228 959 bears the lion and unicorn seal being the legitimate seal of the ‘Commonwealth of Australia’, not to be confused with the 'COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA'.

What the lawyers are NOT telling you.

  • When a person hires a lawyer/barrister/etc, to appear in court on their behalf, the corporation known as the ‘court’ is hired for business/ trading/ commerce to deal with a matter.

  • When one hires the lawyer/barrister/etc, to appear on one’s behalf the interests of the ‘system’ must be kept intact when a verdict is handed out, where the hired persons swear an oath to the Court, their Colleagues, and lastly the Client, also known as the three C’s within the industry.

  • When one hires someone on one’s behalf, one denounces the right to speak to the judge/magistrate.

  • When one steps into the court room, the rows of seats are known as the public gallery, where any member of the public can sit in on any court case.

  • When one steps up to the Bar Table (in person or via a ‘lawyer’), one steps away from the (jurisdiction of the) ‘land’ and enters the jurisdiction of Maritime Law.

  • Any so called Australian court (Magistrates’, Perin, etc) that is a corporation which fines you for speeding/ red light camera, city council, parking etc, has no jurisdiction over you, BUT it is up to you to prove this, something the legal fraternity does not inform you about, and defends this fact vigorously. 

  • Judges purchase matters, where the outcome is already known beforehand, where typical court cost can be in the magnitude of $700 for a simple matter that can be in front of the judge for as little as one minute, as a result the judgments are NOT unbiased.

  • Judges receive $30,000 per conviction

  • Judges do not pay income tax

Judges MUST be under oath (this can be asked of ANY judge), have a Writ of Commission or produce a ‘binding contract’ with you in order to proceed, otherwise they MUST stand down. This has to be asked of a judge when one does NOT step away from the boundary of the land, i.e. from the public gallery.

ALL Victorian courts are owned by foreign companies, and NOT part of any legitimate government structure.

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