Thursday, April 17, 2014

Brisbane Aboriginal sovereign protest Royal visit

Sydney has turned out to greet the royal couple who arrived down-under today but they were faced with a far from royal welcome upon entry into the Sydney Opera House.

Sovereignty campaigners gathered on the harbour today, demanding that the British crown return all land on the Australian continent that they hold illegally. "Give back what you stole" being the main message of today's protest. Tara Callinan reports for NITV.

See video at: 16 Apr 2014

Unfortunately the corporate media still use the term 'Aboriginal' meaning non-original referring to the people who have lived on the land for 40,000 year, what the English occupiers have called 'Australia'.

The English have taken the land from the 'original' people under firearms, without any treaty. Under this arrangement, the people living on this land are under Martial Law.

This is a fact that no corporate media outlet is exposing, but is reasonably well known within certain circles of the legal community.

The people born in 'Australia' are conscripted as 'non-combatants'.

There is no pride given to a war mongering family, known as the 'Windsors' whose real heritage stems from the family names of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

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