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Five Melbourne companies guzzle water

Melbourne companies guzzle water
Five unnamed Melbourne companies each use more than a billion litres of water a year. Picture: Thinkstock Source: Supplied
FIVE Melbourne companies used more than five billion litres of water last year — enough to fill 2500 Olympic-sized swimming pools. 

The five unnamed companies each used more than a billion litres of water a year, but all are taking steps to reduce their water use.

Annual reports from Melbourne’s three water retailers reveal the identities of the city’s biggest industrial water guzzlers.

Crown Casino, Foster’s Abbotsford brewery, The Victoria Racing Club, Melbourne Airport, and Toyota were among 33 companies that used more than 18 billion litres of water in 2012/13.

Three universities — Melbourne, La Trobe and Monash — were named along with two hospitals, Melbourne and The Alfred.

Three poultry producers, soft drink manufacturers Schweppes and Coca-Cola Amatil, and the Mobil Refinery at Altona North also made the list.

Melbourne University spokeswoman Monique Edwards said the university was a 24-hour, seven-day operation servicing 47,000 students and 6,500 staff, equivalent to Victoria’s fifth largest city.

La Trobe University spokesman Tim Mitchell said the university was constantly working to reduce its potable water consumption.

Crown spokeswoman Natasha Stipanov said since 2010, Crown Melbourne has invested in a number of water saving projects.

“This year, Crown have continued operating our water-recycling system, generating 1.4 million litres of recycled water used for toilet flushing, and also expanded our rainwater harvesting system by adding a 125,000-litre rainwater collection and re-use system,” she said.

“These systems have the potential to save 5.5 million litres of drinking water every year.

“Crown have also upgraded more than 500 shower heads, 300 taps and 140 toilets.”

Melbourne Airport said its water demand is expected to increase as the airport grows but is sourcing alternative water supplies like rainwater and stormwater.

The Victorian Racing Club is nearing completion of a $1.8 million world-first in situ desalination project that will save millions of litres of drinking water each year.

City West Water managing director Anne Barker said its non-residential customers cut their water usage from 56 billion litres per year in 2000/01 to 39 billion litres in 2012/13.

Yarra Valley Water managing director Tony Kelly said since 2001 usage for its highest commercial users dropped from 6 to 3.8 billion litres per year.

South East Water spokeswoman Caitlin Rode said the water authority worked to assist its non-residential customers to reduce their water consumption and improve efficiency. 10 Apr 2014

Another example where the government is keeping information from the general public, maybe for the best interest of the public, or is it to conceal something else?

Coca Cola Amatil receives water from the Australian government for approximately $1.40 per 1 million litres, where the domestic rate is approx $1 for 1 thousand litres.

From a health perspective Coca Cola sell their carcinogenic products (lemonades) for anything up to $3.50 per 1.25 litres of their premium trademark product 'Coke'.

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