04 August 2014

Not voting due to religious reasons in Australia

According to Australian law one is required to vote.

Validity of the Act aside, voting is compulsory according to the Commonwealth Electoral Act (1918) Section 245,

as detailed in the attached pdf:

However, one is able to not vote according to religious beliefs as stated in item (14):

(14)  Without limiting the circumstances that may constitute a valid and sufficient reason for not voting, the fact that an elector believes it to be part of his or her religious duty to abstain from voting constitutes a valid and sufficient reason for the failure of the elector to vote. 

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Unknown said...

This correct. The command of scripture proves an individual is to "obey God as ruler" and that you belong to His Government under your King Jesus Christ is which is contrary to the human rulers who do not represent the Kingdom of God are in opposition to Gods kingdom. An individual who belongs to a governing system is not to belong to another governing system else, you commit Treason which is breaking of Gods Law....