04 December 2014

"CRIME CORRUPTION and COVERUPS" Sunshine Police Station Victoria.

It all began in 2008 with a Former Drug Squad Detective who was finally acquitted in 2013, murders, missing people and allegations of corruption, abuse of power and unethical behaviour.. It has resurfaced again with a stubby holder in 2013 with the term police allegedly liking to use to describe the very people they were working with, "Mud Sucking Bottom Dwellers" (we have been advised by sources connected to the station). Hence the picture of a fish on one stubby holder and the back having a 01/01/? because many from a particular culture are not aware of their dates of birth.. But it doesn't stop with a stubby holder.. What has been in the whispers for many years is that many things could be connected. We believe there has been more going on than meets the eye at SUNSHINE Police Station.

We have been contacted by a reliable source aware of an ex officer (and connected) at Sunshine and they have provided us with details of goings on that are not reported on publically. One alleged is putting pictures of victims on walls as a laughing topic, where officers have had involvement on call outs, then images of the victims put on the wall to laugh at and use as a comical element in the station. The following an account from a witness.

"In the time I was associated with Sunshine Police, I saw and heard things that shocked me.
Members engaging in what could only be described as disturbing, childish and criminal behaviour.

The photo you have, came from a junior member who had done her probation at Broadmeadows. She attended a domestic call with a senior member, saw the framed picture on the mantle and took a photo of it because she found it funny. This photo did the rounds at Sunshine, it was printed off and put up on lockers and I believe also used as wallpaper on desktop computers.

I was told that one member beat the crap out of a prisoner in the cells, and CS sprayed the prisoner while he was handcuffed. This was well known throughout the station. That same member bragged to me personally about jumping the divvy van over the train lines with unrestrained prisoners prisoners in the back, getting airborne and landing so hard that he blew the tyres. The member wasn't disciplined over any of this, and was in fact transferred to highway patrol.

I was told that some Sunshine members would regularly go hassle Sudanese households known to have drinking problems so they could "punch on with drunk muddies." They call black people "Mudcats" or "Muddies" BTW. Indians are "Kumar's", Arabic people are called "Mufti's", just blatantly racist attitudes.

I was present when a female junior constable showed up for nightshift duty pissed out of her brain. The sergeant on duty covered it up.

I was also told of a "tradition" for members finishing up on nightshift to go for "Early Openers" or "E.O.'s" for short. Generally, this meant that someone up high had leaned on a local licensee to open early on a Sunday morning and members would have a "lock-in." This practice is widespread throughout the force.
Drunk members would routinely be driven home by on-duty members in Police vehicles, some driven as far away as Lancefield and Geelong.

During the Christmas period, they would have what they call .05 week. Members would show up still pissed from the night before, blow in a breathalyzer and whoever was least pissed would go out on the road.

I was told that a married Senior Constable had several complaints against him of sexual harassment against female members. Instead of making it official, the brass transferred him to another station in the region where he was upgraded to the rank of Sergeant almost immediately.

I've heard of members attending attempt suicide calls of mentally ill people, admittedly serial call-outs, telling them to "hurry up and do it will ya!!!"

These people have no respect for the public, they are managed by incompetent fools whom they also have no respect for, and are protected by the most powerful union in the state.

Professional Standards Division don't fully investigate complaints, sometimes only asking one question after a member has been suspended with pay for months on end.

My advice to you all is to record any and every interaction you have with Police, hold them to account..... because nobody else is."

Below are other accounts of ongoing scandals and cover ups dating back many years.

‘Lawyer X’ Scandal: the Biggest Cover up of Alleged Police Corruption and maleficence in Australian history Dated 11 April 2014 reported..

There have been Court suppression orders that relate to protecting the identity of “Lawyer X in one case, as a low grade criminal informer, operating in the shadows of darkness, on behalf of Victoria Police, is a known, known, within the criminal underworld, police, lawyers and media personalities. What can be legally revealed is the person in question has allegedly been instrumental in perverting the course of justice, and has also allegedly undermined a significant number of criminal and civil trials over the past fifteen to twenty years, with misinformation campaigns. Throw into the saucy mix tawdry tales of large financial inducements offered to criminal informers, who allegedly gave police misinformation, to assist to pervert the course of justice. In addition to a questionable internal Victoria Police and Victorian Ombudsman.
investigation. http://webmobilize.net/2014/04/11/lawyer-x-scandal-the-biggest-cover-up-of-police-corruption-and-maleficence-in-australian-history/

We have also included exerts from other material relating to McCann (stubby holder case) and his dealings with Paul Dale the former detective who was acquitted in 2013.. But to throw another factor into the mix , we are bringing the disappearance of David Prideaux (prison boss from the same prison Carl Williams was in) into this scenario of events also.. The link to his missing persons profile is below..
The brotherhood" has been implicated in Melbourne area, also in recent years, involving police and ex police members, this is the report on that..

" A secret group of men called The Brotherhood, including former and current senior police, is operating in Melbourne, the Victorian ombudsman says."

In a report tabled to parliament today, ombudsman George Brouwer says there are up to 350 men on the circulation list, including many current and former police officers, two state MPs, members of the public service and private organisations.

Mr Brouwer says The Brotherhood, which was formed in 2003 by a police inspector, was established to serve the interests of the founder, who controls membership of the group.

‘‘The culture of the organisation ... encourages exclusivity and secrecy, with the potential for illegal and improper exchanges of information or favours,’’ Mr Brouwer said in his report.


Sgt McCann was dismissed after being found guilty of one count of disgraceful conduct. (in relation to the Stubby Holder case)
Two constables were sacked for improper conduct over a photo that depicted an African male in a vulnerable position.

Three sergeants were transferred and directed to undertake a human rights course for failing to act when they became aware of the stubby holders.
An inspector was ad-monished for failing to appropriately discipline those involved.
A senior sergeant, a sergeant, two senior constables and a constable were also ­admonished.

Along the side is a red safety symbol with the words “Not that flammable’’ - said to mock an incident where a Bairnsdale man set himself alight after being hit by a burst of spray, on one of the stubby holders involved. "

The following is in relation to McCann's history and alleged dealings.

"McCann’s role in the conviction of Carl Williams and four others for drug trafficking saw him awarded “for meticulous investigation, commitment and achievements” in 2008, one of many career commendations.

In 2011 he received a bravery award after he and his partner Rifat Gedik volunteered to enter a siege zone in Sunshine to rescue any civilians threatened by a mentally ill gunman.

The pair were fired at repeatedly during the several hours it took to subdue the gunman, who was later charged with attempting to murder the officers.

But in 2010 McCann was accused by the Office of Police Integrity of “misconduct in public office’’.

"The OPI claimed in a report to Parliament that while a detective in the homicide squad, McCann had put at risk a major corruption investigation into allegations that former detective Paul Dale had ordered the killings of police informer Terence Hodson and his wife Christine in 2004.

Hodson had been due to give evidence against Dale over his alleged role in a drug break-in at the time he was killed."

The OPI monitored the homicide team that included McCann as it investigated the killings, and then the work of Taskforce Petra which took over the case, without McCann.

A separate OPI investigation into whether any officers were leaking information to Dale focused on his close friend, detective Denis Linehan.
An OPI tap on Linehan’s phones recorded him attempting to heavy a potential witness against Dale.

It also recorded a conversation with McCann shortly after the formation of Taskforce Petra in June 2007, where McCann in passing mentioned the name of a detective on the taskforce.

The OPI said about three months later McCann had also asked two former homicide squad colleagues, who were on taskforce Petra, about the progress of the investigation.
The OPI said both detectives found the question uncomfortable and reported them to the OPI.

McCann later said he was just curious because he had worked on the case.

The OPI presented no evidence that McCann had tried to undermine the investigation and two years later an internal police investigation signed off by the OPI, concluded that on the available evidence and on the balance of probabilities, no allegations against McCann could be substantiated."

Below is the original Dale Case details which have been traced back to 2008..

"A disgraced former drug squad detective has been accused by Victoria's police watchdog of using serving officers to sabotage a murder inquiry in which he is named as a suspect.

The police watchdog, the Office of Public Integrity (OPI), made the explosive allegations at a hearing on Tuesday into police accused of interfering in the investigation of the underworld murders of police informer Terence Hodson and his wife Christine.

Serving Melbourne detective Denis Linehan was grilled and accused of disloyalty to fellow police and trying to sabotage the investigation on behalf of his friend, the former detective Paul Dale, a suspect in the murders of the Hodsons in Melbourne in 2004.

The hearing heard Sgt Linehan carried out Dale's request to visit a Brunswick publican called Mick, who had been questioned by detectives about Dale and the murders, to give him "free legal advice".
That was a euphemism for intimidating him into not helping Operation Petra detectives investigating Hodson's murder, counsel assisting the OPI Garry Livermore told the hearing.

Telephone taps of Linehan and Dale also implicated the Flemington sergeant in doing other errands for Dale, including illegally finding out and telling him his phone was not being tapped and finding out the names of investigators serving on Petra, which was a secret taskforce."

"You interfered with a witness in a taskforce murder investigation," Mr Livermore told Sgt Linehan.
"Do you know what perverting the course of justice is?

"Because that's what you have done."

Sgt Linehan angrily defended the close friendship he maintains with Dale, saying he believed his friend was innocent of any improper activity.

"I am being painted as a bag man for a double murder ... I reject the proposition I am a bag man," he said.

"The ESD (Ethical Standards Department) have ruined his life."

Mr Livermore replied: "At least he's got a life to ruin, unlike Terence Hodson."

Dale benefited from the murder of the Hodsons, which occurred six months after Terence Hodson agreed to give evidence against him over the attempted theft of $1.3 million in ecstasy pills.

Sgt Linehan repeatedly denied accusations by Mr Livermore about interfering in the investigation before phone taps were aired contradicting him and showing him talking about it.

"Please don't treat us like imbeciles ... you have made protestations of innocence but it's not good enough to say you can't remember the detail of a phone conversation 12 months later," OPI director's delegate Murray Wilcox told Sgt Linehan.

The phone taps aired at the hearing showed two other police officers, Silvio Montesano and homicide squad detective Calum McCann, inappropriately telling Dale and Sgt Linehan the names of detectives on the secret Petra taskforce.

The hearing will continue this week and is expected to involve Dale giving evidence on Wednesday and claims Petra detectives were intimidated by corrupt police.

Dale's guilt or innocence in relation to the murders is not a matter for the hearing, Mr Livermore said.
The OPI says tackling improper associations between serving police, former police and criminals is a major priority.

Part of theTranscript of the Dale case is below:

TRACY BOWDEN, PRESENTER: One of the most intriguing criminal cases in recent legal history has tonight come to a dramatic end. A Victorian jury has just delivered its verdict in the trial of former policeman Paul Noel Dale. For the past decade, corruption allegations against Dale have been a thorn in the side of Victoria Police. His name has been inextricably linked to Melbourne's gangland wars and to some infamous killings. For much of that time the media has been unable to tell the full story. Tonight, senior sergeant Paul Dale has been acquitted of the final charges against him, so his story can now be told. Guy Stayner reports, and a warning: his story contains strong language.

GUY STAYNER, REPORTER: It was the night of the 2003 AFL Grand Final in Melbourne. Inside a modest house in a leafy street in the suburb of Oakley was a massive stash of ecstasy. The house had been under surveillance by the drug squad. At 7 o'clock, thieves broke in. A watchful neighbour noticed something wrong and called the local police.

When police arrested the intruders fleeing the scene, it became apparent it was an inside job. One of the burglars was a detective from the drug squad.

"ANDREW RULE, JOURNALIST & CRIME WRITER: This is not picking up a couple of football tickets. This is not getting a slab of beer for a barbecue from the local pu. This is heavy stuff. Corruption might start at that low level, but this is what it grows into.

GUY STAYNER: The detective react arrested was David Michel, a senior constable in the drug squad. The second man arrested was Terence Hodson, a career criminal and registered police informant. He named a third man: senior sergeant Paul Dale, also from the drug squad.

NEWSREADER: Former detective sergeant Paul Dale was today officially sacked. (Some of the details are below for the full details read the links provided at the end..)

GUY STAYNER: The name Paul Dale echoed through many of the gangland killings and police corruption investigations that were to come. Paul Dale would be suspended, dismissed, reinstated, investigated, phone tapped, charged with trafficking and theft, and ultimately, murder. He has avoided any penalty.

GUY STAYNER: In early May 2004, police devices tracked Carl Williams and his father George driving to a location near where Dale was working. George Williams later gave evidence that Williams got into a blue car driven by Dale.

Another witness gave evidence that Paul Dale was passing inside information to Carl Williams, warning him when other police were closing in on his drug empire. This left Williams free to pursue his vendetta against his gangland rivals. The witness told Dale's defence counsel, "If it wasn't for your client, we would have been locked up and none of this war would have happened."

In early 2004, Hodson was waiting to testify against Dale over the burglary. Hodson refused police protection, preferring the company of his friends and family at home. Police were worried, but the Hodsons' home was well-protected."

Could They All Be Connected? It has been alleged over many years, Victoria has had a very "Rotten" Police Force presence, and many ongoing concerns with corruption to the core.. Many Cover Ups and questions remain unanswered..

If anyone has any further information about Sunshine Police, please contact us here at PoliceLeaks..


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