03 March 2015

Statute Law Revision Act (1973) Another unlawful Act

The general populous are taken for a ride when it comes to something called 'law' in Australia.

Solicitors, lawyers, barristers, judicial clerks, etc are certainly not in the business of informing you the corrupt nature of Australia's legal system, as this would be a conflict of interest.

There are plenty of Acts enacted that erode the rights of the Australian people.

One such Act is the Statute Law Revision Act (1973) which allegedly was assented to on the 19th of December 1973.


One important question should come to mind, is that was this Act passed lawfully?

Apart from all the checks and balances that go along the way to make an Act lawful, and putting aside the actual validity of law in Australia, an easy was to spot a fake is with the words on the first page.

The words to look out for (as in the Statute Law Revision Act) are:

BE IT ENACTED by the Queen...

whereas in a (more) lawful Act it should read:

Be it enacted by the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty...

That's the easiest way to spot a 'fake' Act from a 'real one'.

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