22 May 2015

Charge sheet and summons against Victoria's sheriff Brendan Facey

In Victoria Australia, there is a person that claims to be a 'sheriff', see illustration below.

He (Brendan Facey) is also a Director of a company called IMES (Infringement Management & Enforcement Services), something you really cannot be if you are an 'officer' of the Supreme Court of Victoria, with the issue of the oath put aside... for now.

In order to perpetuate the FRAUD, he apparently has approximately another 100 minions running / driving around the state of Victoria, UNLAWFULLY clamping automobiles.

Here is a scan of a document called a 'Charge Sheet and Summons' with Brendan Facey's name on it.

You can also download a more up to date version to lay criminal charges against people who have broken the law*, at:


*The validity of law in Victoria, Australia is put aside.

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